How do I find my webcam on my laptop and how do I do I set it up?


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Kelly Dodsworth answered
I'm assuming you have Windows 7:

Not all laptops come with a camera, to see if you do have one go to control panels then type in search device manager. When device manager shows up click on it and look for imaging devices in the tree on the left side. Double click on imaging devices and it should give you the name of your camera.

Setting it up... On what? Skype? If so open Skype and click on tools then options and then video settings on the left side. You should see a working stream from your camera at this point. From here just fiddle with the settings until you are happy.

Keep in mind each application you use the camera with will need to be set up. For example MSN messenger and Skype will both need to be set, you might also wish to use it for YouTube and if so you will need recording software.

Hope this helps you.

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