How Do I Turn On My Webcam If Its Already Built In To My Laptop?


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nothing works!!! Even in 'Imaging Devices' my webcam doesn't show up. I have updated drivers, installed the newest webcam program but the result is always the same, it says, 'Warning no webcam detected...if you are using an integrated camera make sure that it is turned on.' But I have no idea HOW to turn it on. There is no camera icon on any of my keys either. The camera is built in except there is apparently no way to access it! *pulling my hair out

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Turning on your webcam.

Whenever a laptop comes with an inbuilt webcam, a default application will be provided by the manufacturer to access the cam. Search for the same and use it. You can also access the cam through control panel.

Control panel->hardware and sound->device manager->imaging devices->web cam->enable.

One simple way is to use a I'm application like Yahoo messenger or Gtalk which support video chat, it opens up the cam automatically once you start a video chat.
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You need to use a program that supports a webcam, if that doesnt work go to control panel > system > device manager tab, and see if there is an exclamation mark next to your webcam device and re enable it, if it still doesnt work update the webcams driver by clicking update driver.

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How do I turn on my laptop's built-in webcam?

Depending on the camera there will be different programs that run it, but it should automatically start in things such as skype and msn video calls but to just launch the webcam search webcam in your start menu and anything related to it will come up, one of them should be the program to run it.
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I finally found the solution to all your questions if you are on hp. Well it might be for all computers.

OK so first you need to click on start. Then way at the bottom you will see a little box in which you can type anything in. Then you start typing in webcam. After doing this your computer will search for anything related to a web cam. And you will find the your webcam in the first section. For example on my hp pavilion, after I type in web cam it says hp media smart webcam. Just click on it and there you go I hope that helps. If you have any other questions contact me.
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How do I turn on my web camera?
Start menu -> All programs -> Camera Assistant Software  after clicking it it will have a little camera icon on the right side of your tool bar and on mine there is a little pop up thing on the left side of the screen when you scroll over there with a button that says "start camera". 

Hope that helps!  I had to search for mine also!
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How do I enable my webcam?

  • If you have media player classic installed, (player comes with the K-Lite Codec Pack) then open the MPC player, click File and select Open Device.
  • Voila! Here you are on your laptop screen.
It is possible to pause the picture and then save the image as a .jpg.

Great in my opinion.
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See your laptop model under your computer then go to the toshiba support site then go to download then click under category - camera then type in your model then download the program
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I had the same problem before, my laptop camera one day just stopped working! Then I found out my own solution. Maybe your camera is off that way even in device manager you can't find it.

Just press the Fn (function button) +f10 then it should work. I use Neo .
You can also try fn+ if they have any f1 to f12 that has a sign of camera . You can press it fn+ then sign with camera!
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Hi, if laptop is an Acer go into Start menu then scroll up to where it says something similiar in relation to the webcam software, then right click on link to make short cut on desktop.
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If you have a gateway pc hope this helps I just found mine if you go to the bottom right where the tool bar is you will see different Icon hopefully if you didn't remove it from there it will be there find the one that looks like a camera click it something on the left hand side of your screen will pop up than minimize all programs open and put the mouse where the thing popped out and that is your web cam :) hope it helps goo luck!!!
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For sony search for webcam and you should have webcam companion. Use that. For other Laptops that webcam companion software is knocking about for free on the internet if you google it. I won't post a link incase it gets taken down. Real simple to use, reccomend. Hope this helps in some way.
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If the cam is functional you should be able to see it in "My Computer". Check to see if it is there first. If it is right click on it and see what options are available for the cam and if you can see something on it there. If it is not listed there then check the device manager to see if it is listed. There may be a problem with it.

Also what ever software you are using may need to be configured to recognize the cam.
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Alright I can't find out how to turn it on. My laptop is Compaq. It says it has one built in. I did the directions like you said but webcam doesnt appear. Please help
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To find your webcam on a laptop, in 'Windows 7':
  • left click 'start',
  • left click system,
  • left click device manager,
  • left click imaging devices,
  • Right click webcam,
  • left click properties,
  • If theres a yellow exclamation mark on drivers, then left click driver tab.
  • left click on 'uninstall driver',
  • Then shut down the computer ,when you boot up next time Windows should automatically update the webcam driver.

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