How can i get my laptop webcam to work on skype?


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I'm not online but other people on Blurtit might be, so wait and see what they have to say. However, I can advise you on how to make new friends on the Internet. Thanks to the social powers of the Internet, it's really easy to meet new people on the Internet.

  • Chatrooms
There are many chatrooms available on the Internet. Chatrooms are the classic online forms of Internet social interaction. They simply involve random people from all over the world talking instantly about a particular issue. Before other forms of online social networking, people would log into chatrooms to talk to new people or even to talk to people that they already knew. You can find chatrooms by searching on Google, and you'll be able to find rooms that are dedicated to different age groups and different interests.

  • Facebook
Facebook is a great tool for people who are already friends, but it can also help you in making new friends. Making new friends on Facebook is easy. All you need to do is search for people using the search bar, and then add them as friends. Obviously if you do not want to add random people, you don't have to - instead, you can get talking to people on groups that you both like, and then add each other after you've had a chat. Furthermore, you could make use of the 'people you may know' tool. This shows you people that your friends are friends with, and who you may already know because of that. It gives you a chance to befriend these people on Facebook.

  • Myspace
Myspace is similar to Facebook in that you will have your own profile, but it's very much music-orientated. For more information visit the website and see whether it can help you meet new friends.

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