How Do I Know If My Computer Has Webcam Built In?


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The camera will be at the top of the computer screen if there is a built in webcam.

  • Laptops with Built in Webcams
A webcam is a tiny pinhole, but it is always centered on the computer screen when discussing a laptop. The camera will be in between the two rubber parts at the top of the screen, about in the middle. The rubber is what most computers have to ensure the screen is not touching the keyboard directly. The webcam may be less than a centimeter in size and closer to a millimeter.

  • Laptops without Built in Webcams
A laptop without a webcam may also have a little pinhole, but it is not centered on the screen. It also does not look like it has a lens or anything else in it. It is just a hole. If you are still unsure if your laptop has a webcam or not you can always do a search on your computer for webcam software. It is generally on the desktop or in the programs list. If you see the software chances are you have a built in webcam.

  • Desktop PCs
As of currently there are no desktop screens with built in webcams. It means if you have a desktop and wonder if it has a built in webcam the answer is no. You have to buy an external webcam and then download the software.

  • Setting up a Webcam
It is fairly easy to set up an external webcam if you need one and your computer does not have one. All you do is plug and play. The computer will ask you to install the drivers and then your webcam is ready to go.
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There is a small hole above the computer screen but I am unable to tell what it is.  Can you help me learn about this and how to use it?
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Maybe.  Look above your monitor.  That is usually where it is located.
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What kind of computer brand and model is it??? Usually the web cam is situated above the computer screen. However, if you don't have a web cam then you could also purchase a compatible usb web cam. Good luck.
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Well first of all do you have a laptop because most of them have a web cam. Other wise you will have to go and by one

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