How Do I Set Up The Webcam Which Is Built In To The Laptop ?


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Firstly, you will need to double check as to whether the driver for your built in webcam is installed. To do this click the windows start icon on the task bar of your desk top, this is defaulted to the bottom of your viewing screen - although it may be located elsewhere such as on either side or top of the screen depending on your individual preference. This will bring up your start menu, to the right you will see an option for ‘control panel’ you will need to click this, which will bring up a second options menu. Look for the ‘system’ icon and click it; a third tabbed menu will appear, amongst which you should be able to locate a tab marked ‘hardware’. Select this tab and click the button that says ‘device manager’ here you will be able to see whether your webcam is already installed or not.

If you cannot locate the webcam then you will need to install the driver for it. There may have been a CD or DVD that accompanied your PC when you purchased it, if you have got the CD/DVD then install the driver by inserting the disc and following the instructions. If you do not have a disc then you will need to download the appropriate software from the manufacturer's website. Go to the company’s website that made your laptop and you will see a tab or link labelled as ‘support’ once you’ve clicked the link enter the serial number for your laptop then click find drivers, this may be entitled ‘find software’ or something else similar but should be easily identifiable and look for an appropriate titled download such as ‘built in webcam driver’, after downloading, return to control panel and select ‘add hardware’ which will bring up a helpful step-by-step installation guide, simply follow the instructions in the add hardware wizard and your webcam will be become operational.
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I got a laptop and then my cousin broke the screen and then the laptop people replaced the screen, now every time I open webcam it says  :
  No video device detected. Please plug a video device into your computer. If you are using  an integrated camera please make sure that it is turned on.

Oh and also my webcam is built in HELP ME PLEASE!
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I need help to set up my webcam because I don't now how to
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If you bought the laptop with an integrated webcam, then most likely the software is already set up. My old rental even came with one and it was set up perfectly. If you have MSN Messenger, maybe you should use it to test it out.
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Their should be instructions manual either in the box or upon the computer check with help support on your computer type what you need help with and it should pull it okay hope this helps.japeace
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To help you follysick, I hope it will help, in your settings, there should be a way to turn the webcam even if it is built in on and off.
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I have the same problem but the answer above don't help I have already tried that like 4 times they give the wrong answers to it n make things worse

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