How Can I Connect Motorola Razr V3 Mobile With Computer Using USB Cable?


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There seems to be a lot of people out there with the same problem! Apparently, there is an issue with the ports and the driver that comes with the phone is incorrect so it will not allow the software to connect with the phone. Some people are finding it is not compatible with their Macs while for others, their computers are not able to recognise that the phone is connected by USB. You need to install software and you may have to buy this. Another option is to try to do this for free but PLEASE check this is a reputable download before you begin and do not proceed if you are unsure. To enable your PC as a RAZR V3 charger you could download a file called "razr V3 usb” from the forum; unzip the file to a location of your choice; plug the USB into your phone; the Microsoft Windows Add Hardware Wizard will start and will not be able to find the drivers immediately so specify the directory where you unzipped the driver; the wizard will finish installing it; disconnect the USB cable from the phone; reconnect it and it should start to charge and then you can enable your PC so it can transfer files. However, there may still be a problem if you have a Mac. This may work: Connect the phone via USB. Go into your menu, then "Connection” and "USB settings” and change your default setting to "Memory Card”. Clear out and switch off the phone, then turn it back on while still connected to the Mac and hopefully an icon saying "RAZR” will appear, allowing you to use the USB normally. If this does not work, try looking in Finder or change "Default Connection” to "Data Connection”. If you cannot find the software, none of the above work and you have tried or cannot talk to Motorola, then maybe consider getting a Bluetooth adaptor!
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How can I connect Motorola motor ocker E6 mobile with computer using usb cable and how could I access internet through it?
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When you bought your phone, it came with software call Motorola phone tools.
You must install the software,start the program, select usb cable and click next. It will tell you to plug your phone in, then it will start installing the drivers for your phone. After a while you'll see your phone file on your screen.
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To let your computer know how to talk with Motorola Razor v3 mobile, you need USB device drivers. The software for this is usually included with your phone and will give a detailed step by step guide. If not it can be purchased from the manufacturers. This information will be with the user manual.
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When I connect the cell phone to the computer it will not fully install it gets frozen 39.9 done

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