Nokia Bounce Cheat Code, Can You Help?


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If you're stuck on a level of the popular game Nokia Bounce, you can be frustrated when your progress seems to stall. Thankfully, unlike some of the other mainstream games available for Nokia handsets, there are cheat codes that can catalyze your progress even when you're finding a certain stage really challenging. Of course, cheating your way through a tricky level isn't that satisfactory, and by going on a website such as YouTube instead, you may have the opportunity to watch video how-to guides that explain the steps that are necessary for you to have brilliant success in your game. Sometimes, it can just be a case of utilizing a manoeuvre that you didn't realize existed before. There's also a help guide that will provide everything you need to know and, depending on the make and model of your phone, you may also receive helpful hints that will pinpoint you to certain tasks that you should perform.

So: If you're concerned about the obstacles, did you know that the one way to ensure that your bounce ball isn't defeated is to type in a six-digit numerical code? This passkey is '787898' - and from there, nothing will stop you as you try to reach the goal. If you need a bit more assistance, pressing the hash key will prolong the time that you'll benefit from this cheat for. In many cases, you need to time this very carefully to ensure that it's implemented at the hardest part of the level, not expiring prematurely when you need it the most.
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2)787899 than press 5 for level clear
3)787899 than press # for fly
4)787899 than press 1for back level press 3 for next level
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Type 787898 during your  game  play and you will never die
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I know the 787898 and 787899,,
but I want to know the others
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friends I m faceing problem in bounce game on nokia 6600

I tried these codes but its not working in Nokia6600 virsion of the game is 3.16.0
however I m trying the same code in Nokia 5130 its works but the game is of old virsion

kindly help me out with the 3.16.0 virsion on 6600
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You are all FOOL.

Type is #sec901# for bounce cheat list.

I work at NOKIA
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Type in 984563456678921038592739448391928475 for your phone to explode! Haha hjk type that in for auto play

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