What Are Some Cool Cell Phone Signatures For Guys?


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A cell phone signature can be anything that you choose. There are no specific signatures designed for males because it is up to you what you have. I have noticed that the term 'Rich n Famous' is quite a popular one for boys, however it is completely your choice. You could create a signature that contains a lyric from a song or perhaps a quote from your favorite movie. There's no end to your creativity.

  • Cell Phone Signatures: What are they?
Cell phone signatures are fun phrases that people can add on to the end of their text messages when they send an SMS to another recipient. The majority of users will decide on a phrase or a word and incorporate a number of symbols to make it stand out. It can be anything you want however in most cases you can only make it 15 characters long. It is important to think of something that your recipients will appreciate at the end of a text message. However, you could also create a number of different ones that will be specific to certain people in your contact list.

  • How do you make them?
You need to make sure that your phone supports this service. The majority of cell phones will have this feature however some models do not have this option. In order for you to see if your specific phone allows you to make signatures for your text messages, you will need to access the phone settings on your device. Once you have found the correct feature and you have decided on your signature, you can fill in the phrase and save it as a template. This means that you can use it at the end of every text message that you send, if you choose to.

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