How Can I Forward My Boyfriends Texts To My Phone Without Him Knowing?


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Just take his phone and forward it to your phone. If he catches you tell him you sent him a retarded forward and you want it back.
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I have no idea how this can be accomplished.  However, I want to speak to you about a little thing called trust.  If you can not trust your boyfriend and he can not trust you not to get into his personal business (by stealing his texts), then you need to find another boyfriend.  Any good relationship is built first on caring and then on trust.  If trust is not involved then the relationship is doomed.  Jealousy or mistrust can destroy a relationship.  If you have trust issues with your boyfriend,  go to him and tell him you are feeling insecure and you need to ask him some questions.  If you can not do that, then you do not have much of a relationship in the first place.  You must be able to communicate with anyone you care about.

I would have to wonder as well.  If what you are wanting to do is against the law.  If it is not, it should be & frankly, I believe it is (but am not absolutely positive).  Before you do such a thing you need to find out for sure.  Jail time over jealousy is not unheard of but is certainly foolish.  

I can almost promise you that when/if your boyfriend finds out about this  (should you be able to accomplish it) that you will be looking for another boyfriend.  This one will dump you like a hot potato - and he should!
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No body asked u all of that. The lady asked a question. She wanted a straight forward answe w/o all of the preaching. If u don't know then don't respond!
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Often times people that are in an emotional turmoil do things without thinking them through. Had she carried through with this idea she most surely would loose the boyfriend (should he discover her actions) and that was obviously not what she wanted. She might have ended up in trouble with the law as well. I simply pointed these things out to her. She seems to care for him...stealing his personal texts is not the way to keep him. I repeat, she needs to speak to him. I stand by my advice.

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