How To Call Someone From Someone Else's Number?


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If you are doing this for a prank, then best of luck and don’t get caught! If you are doing this for other reasons, then be prepared for any conceivable answer and again don’t get caught!
Right, the easiest way to do this is to use a site called Bluff My Call (, where you can change your number to anybody’s in the world. To use this service more than once you have to pay, but there is the option of a free trial. You will have to provide credit card details for the free trial and it works on the basis of prepaid minutes, like a pay as you go phone. $10 will give you an hour’s worth of call time, will $29.95 will give you unlimited calls in one calendar month.
The caller ID on the person’s phone will reflect whatever you want, and will even show the name registered for the number you chose if it’s saved on the recipient’s phone. Bluff My Call also offers a recording service, so if it is a particularly good prank, you can keep it for many hilarious replays.
Although morally dubious it is legal throughout the U.S. And most other parts of the world (unless you are changing the caller ID to commit a crime or to conduct any illegal activity). Also some states require the consent of both parties in order to record a conversation.
Alternatively if you have an iPhone or Blackberry, there’s a Spoof ID caller application called SpoofApp (, though I’m not sure of the security of this service and if you can be traced back. Again as the call goes through this company’s servers you will be required to purchase minutes off them.
The only free way I know of calling someone from someone else’s number is to actually use a different phone. Sometimes the simplest methods are the best.
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Anonymous commented
i would just like to say whom ever is useing this (my ex) to try to cause problems with me and my now boyfriend i dont find it funny to the point of him useing my work number its getting old fast ! sorry just had to vent
Yo Kass
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Isn't there anything you can do to stop him? Or report him maybe?
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Wow you got jokes, there is no one on earth that is going to allow that, nope, notta, no way.....the best to you and use your own phone and stop being a chicken, be bold....
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I think so this is not a reason able way to call anyone, because in this way the receiver will not pick up the call or drop it!
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People can think it's funny to "spoof" numbers, but this kind of thing isn't just wrong to do, it can be dangerous! What if someone does it maliciously to someone else(say you're posing as someone else to call a friend or you get some mentally-off/obsessed person who spoofs to harass/stalk an ex or a crush. And yes, those kind of people are out there folks! )and it gets someone(the WRONG person, you know, the person whose number YOU used as a "joke")killed?

Yeah, it's not so funny then is it. You don't who does or doesn't share your sense of humor!

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It seems pretty simple to me. You pick "Someone Else's" phone up and you call "Someone". See how simple that was?
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Um... I don't know maybe you have 2 go 2 someones house use a glass cuter break in threaten them with a gun then tell them 2 get there phone then use it and walk away or you can go 2 a friends house and use there phone you pick which one
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Jesus assholes,

It can be done.

The only reason I need to know how is, I don't want to ask my friend who thought it was a cute trick while we were debating if the iPhone or Blackberry was better. Of course I think I won the debate, but I still want t know how he did that mo%$r f*>kin sh!t.

Does anyone know anything here?

It was cool, and I said touche bro!
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Ummm, I don't know, maybe you just pick up another phone and dial it.
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I think in a roundabout way our guest wants to make calls but have it show up as a different number because his calls are being screened, or he wants to do something he can get in trouble for and doesn't want it coming back to him
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I know that, so that was why I elected not to tell him, lol.
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Use someone's cell phone or their house phone.
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Someone long distants, left a number of text messages on my mobile phone so it looked as though ide sent them.

How did they do it ?
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Its simple, you can ask your SIP provider to annonce a certain number or just open a landline telephony box in the building and tap to any number you like using an analogue phone.
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Umm... You can't! Not. No. Nada. Nope. Not allowed.
Its against the rules for guests to use anyone else's phone, period.
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Well, Tigger, you pick up the phone at that other person's house, and call the person you want to call.  Have fun!
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Alright there Mr. Guest... All these people are being SOOOOO mean to you by not telling you the truth.You CAN call someone from someone Else's phone... Its easy. Pick up your cell phone, dial the following code and you can make ALL the calls from your phone and make it look like it comes from your number. Its a small charge from your cell phone provider to do this, usually $30 each time you use this feature. OK... Here's the code...
139286467 902784648502 098765446789 20929398384 7570098748
And remember you have to dial this everytime you make your number look like it came from someone else, The code is: After you dial the code, you dial the number that you want YOUR number to appear as, then dial the number you're calling.
There... Now you know the truth.
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Rena Chisholm
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We're not being mean Mati. We're just having a little fun.
Mati green
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I know.. I was beind sarcastic. As if thats a REAL code...LOL
Anonymous commented
Ide like to know if this is true or just a wind up ?
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Okay, here's how you do it.
First thing is to pick up Someone Else's phone then call Someone by pushing ten numbers on the phone or maybe eleven if Someone is located in another city or state.
Now, if you don't ask permission from Someone Else, then Someone Else might get angry with you, but Someone will probably be glad to hear from you, unless of course Someone doesn't like you. If that is the case, then Someone might hang up on you or say something derogatory to you. If you are calling long distance then Someone Else may want you to pay for the call. If that is the case and you don't pay up, then Someone Else is going to be mad at you for sure. So you could end up losing Some Else's friendship.
Think about it. You might want to consider calling Anybody from Nobody's phone. I hear that they are pretty nice people and Nobody has lots of money, so if your call is long distance then Nobody probably won't mind picking up the tab for you calling Anybody.
PS, if you do call Anybody, tell them that Gomer says hey.
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michael finnegan
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Well, Gol-lly! If you didn't say a mouthful!
Ankit Srivastava
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Nice way to make that call...lolz
Alma Holmes
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Haha u guys are having a lot of fun with this so i know that a lot of u were smiling and laughing i think that this guess should get Best Blurter for the day!
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In just 3 easy steps you will be able to do that...

1. Ask someone else to use his/her cellphone,
2. Dial someone's cellphone number,
3. Press call button to make that call.

Isn't it simple..

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