How Do I Send A Link From My Facebook Page To Someone Else On Facebook?


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Connor Sephton answered
Simply right click the thing that you want to send. If there is a link behind the object you want to send, then depending on the browser and operating system you use, you will be given an option to take the link. On Safari you might have an option to 'copy link', but on other browsers you might have to choose 'properties', and then copy and paste the link that you find.

You may also have to click it and open it in a new tab. By doing this your browser will open the one thing in a brand new window. Once it's open in the window, you can go right to the top and take out the URL from the URL bar. Copy and paste this and you will have it on your clipboard.

Once you've done either of these things, you can now go about putting that link from your Facebook onto your friend's Facebook. Simply go onto your friend's wall, and if they have the right settings, you should see a text box that you will have the right to write in. Simply click inside of this text box and paste the link into this box and then press enter.

If you want to add a little message to it then you can do but you must ensure that you leave a space after the link.

However, if you don't want anybody to see the message then you need to send it as a private message. You can do this one of two ways. You can go to your inbox and send a new message to your friend, and just paste the link in. The other method is using the chat box that you'll find at the bottom of your screen.

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