How Can I Get Free Money And Gold In Mini-planet On Facebook?


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Mini planet is a very popular facebook game and as such, there are many cheats and unlock codes available readily on the internet. They are fairly easy to find:

• YouTube: There are loads of tutorial videos on YouTube that show you how to get free gold and other goodies on mini planet. Simply go to the YouTube homepage, type in there mini planet cheats, mini planet get free gold or mini planet get free money, and there are loads of videos on there that will show you how to acquire free gold and money for mini planet.
• Search engines: If you type in to any reputable search engine those same criteria, it will come up with an abundance of websites and tutorials that show you how to get free money and gold.
• Downloadable cheats: There are several downloadable cheats and hack on the internet, that will enable you to get free gold and money in infinite amounts, but be careful to ensure that these do not contain any viruses that may be harmful to your computer. Seeing, as I do not play this game myself, unfortunately, I cannot give you an exact and accurate answer as to how to get more gold and money for free, but hopefully some of the methods I have mentioned above will prove helpful to you.

The alternative, of course, is to play the game fairly, and rightfully earn your money and gold through completing challenges and tasks on the game. Sometimes on Facebook, you will get emails giving you bonuses if you don't play the game for a few days, so may be you could try doing that. You could earn bonus gold and money for mini planet that way.
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When you go to buy gold click on free gold and then it will come up with things to do nlike surveys and it says how much gold it gives you. If you do the task correctly you get the gold (it also says the waiting time which means when uve done the task correctly refresh your miniplanet page in that amount of time.

But be carefull it does take some time ive done lots and it don't tell you if uve done it correcly or not so thats y I only have 23 gold from doing lots.

Apart from that hope you make lots and have fun!!!
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