How do you change your gender on mini planet?on mini planet


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Miniplanet is a cool virtual world with social networking apps and plenty of fun and interesting games and activities; to change your gender status before your next sign-in at MiniPlanet, you will need to make a new account. After all, the system believes you are currently male or female, and there is simply no easy way to switch around when you want to play the part of a different gender. Since you'll want to experiment with a new gender by putting on new virtual clothes and accessories, you'll need to create a new email address, register again, and mark your gender as the opposite of what was on the other account. This way, you can log in as either gender whenever you feel like it - just be sure you remember which is which.

  • Try new clothes and hats

Once you're signed in under a certain account name and gender, you'll be able to try on clothes, hats, and other cool accessories, and you'll be able to interact with others under a new name and a new sex. Switching between male and female can be fun, so do take the time to experiment with gender while playing Mini Planet.

  • Problems and pitfalls

Bear in mind that if you link your Miniplanet account through Facebook or other social networking sites, you may run into some snags when you try to switch genders. After all, Facebook et al will only let you "like" or connect to a page one time for each Facebook account. Of course, you may have more Facebook identities, or some other clever ways to get around this difficulty.

If you need to, delete one of your current Miniplanet accounts by emailing Miniplanet's technical and customer support team; just tell them that you want another gender instead and ask them to delete the account (gender) that you're tired of.

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