How Do I Read Chat History On Facebook?


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If you have a look at this Facebook page it will tell you how you can read your chat history: (and also how to delete any part of it that you do not like!).

This page also has its own search facility so you can type in a question about any aspect of Facebook that you are not sure of and can be directed to the best place that will answer your question. There is also a list of the most frequently asked questions, so you may find that some of your questions are on there. They are also available in 24 different languages.

This page also has links to other parts of Facebook that may interest you too, such as Help Discussions, so not only can you get the official Facebook answer to any problems or issues that you might have but you can also chat to other users about their experiences, and find out how they deal with all things FB.

You will also be able to access a list of all of the games and apps that are on Facebook, and links so that you can ask their creators questions, or make comments about their app.

There is also a safety center that covers all aspects of Facebook, including how Federal Law is incorporated. Interestingly, that is one feature that can benefit the safety of all users. An example of this is how the routine screening of Facebook by law enforcement officers in the United States showed images of a young man with a gun. They alerted this man's local police force and he was arrested as he was on his way to his old school (with his gun). This young man lives in the United Kingdom - talk about International Rescue!
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You need to install a firefox addon called "Facebook Chat History Manager".

First, install the addon.
After installation:
1) Login to your Facebook account (the app is easier to setup if you're logged-in).
2) Go to Tools -> FaceBook Chat History Manager -> Get Facebook ID
3) Wait the app the load then press the button "Close login window"
4) After that, you should now see a pop-box where it say "Your Facebook ID is:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Copy that Facebook ID.
5) Now go to Tools -> FaceBook Chat History Manager -> Create Account
6) Enter the information needed.
7) After creating an account, the app should now recording every chat you do. To access it, you can press "Ctrl + Alt + F" or go to Tools -> FaceBook Chat History Manager -> View History and input the login details. Or login to your Facebook and press press "Ctrl + Alt + F."

Reply if not cleared.
Theodore Sumrall Ph.D.
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Facebook Chat is temporary, the best method is to use a Facebook Messenger like Chit Chat for Facebook which will save your chat history for you.
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I don't think you can
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It varies everytime yo log off... Meaning you can't read chats from different sessions that you were on earlier that day
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You can read your facebook chat history with fbchatup go to and get it hope this helps
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Well, all research tells me that there is no way to view Facebook chat history without some plugin, javascript, or add-on application.

Strangely enough I just logged in to my facebook this AM and had a chat window open with my son from the night before.

Vois Lais! There is a chat from August 2010!

Thus Facebook does keep complete logs and they "may" be stored on your computer. I would believe this requires a two pronged approach - Bang Facebook relentlessly to cough up this information either from their servers or from their "secret" storage place on your computer.

Ps - I wiped my machine since 8/2010 so it is probably on their servers.

I would bet that, buried in their TOS, is some statement that this information becomes Facebook's property.
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Facebook does not enable its users to view chat history.  
But according to facebook:
"You can view recent conversation history by opening a chat window with
your friend. You cannot view older conversations at this time or
conversations with friends who are not currently online. To clear your chat history just click the 'Clear Chat History' link at
the top of your Chat window. While message history is saved from page
to page, and even between login sessions, please note that it is not
logged permanently."Personally, I prefer to use Digsby to chat with my facebook friends. Digsby is a free downloadable multiprotocol I'm client that lets you
chat with all your friends on AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk,
Jabber, and Facebook with one simple to manage buddy list. Digsby has many other cool features which you can read here:

FYI, you can log chat history in digsby and search for any chat log through the search-enabled log viewer.

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