How Can I Get Into My Facebook Without Knowing My Password?


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For security reasons Facebook will not let you log into your account without knowing your password. At this point the easiest thing to do would be to reset the Facebook password. This can be done by going to: "" then follow the instructions. This will require you knowing which email you used for your account and the password for that, otherwise you will have to reset the password for that too. Once you have got your new password you can log in again. If you have managed to get your password, but still don't know your email, you can either use the mobile number attached to your account, or the user name (for example 'big-dog-5') attached to your account. If all else fails you will have to create a new account.

Be warned that if you are posting this question with the intention of hacking into someone else's account by, for example, resetting their password. This IS illegal!
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You could say keep me logged in. My friends do that cause they always forget their passwords
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I can just login with the email and password an play my games
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You will need to request a lost password otherwise you cannot log in. There is an option when you go to log in for I forgot my Password that if you select this option you will be asked questions to verify your identity and then given the procedure to reset or retrieve your lost password.

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