How To Break Into Someone Facebook Account?


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Facebook is a very sophisticated website used for social networking. With its popularity and sophistication, a lot of security procedures have been implemented in order to prevent users from being able to "hack", or break into, other peoples' accounts. There are a lot of hacking websites that suggest methods for hacking Facebook, however these are generally unreliable and, a lot of the time, harmful to your own privacy and/or computer software.

There are methods for finding out other people's user account passwords and using them in order to gain access to the account. The methods explained don't directly use the Facebook website. This is, however, a violation of people's privacy.

The first, and most effective, method is by use of spy software (also known as key loggers). These software types are, in essence, tools for monitoring and storing data on people's activity on their computers. They store input text and screenshots and allow the administrator of the software to access and gain the stored information. This would essentially store the password of a user if they were to access their Facebook account whilst the spy software is monitoring their usage. Due to laws on privacy, most of these software titles are now obliged to inform the user that they are being monitored whilst using the computer, however there are titles available without such a notification. Most software titles also involve some form of subscription or one-time purchase cost.

Another method for finding out people's login details is by use of a technique called phishing. This is the term applied to creating authentic looking login pages of existing websites that is sent to the user in question, possibly by email. The user then inputs their login details, and the data is sent to the creator of the fake page. This method is highly technical and relies on the perceived authenticity of the page used to trick the person.
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It is not ethical to hack other people's account. It is violation of privacy and you may get in trouble for doing that. Please do not do it.

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