Is Facebook Good For Kids Sometimes?


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I hate parents who wont let their kids get a myspace or facebook. My parents wont let me and it sucks. I miss out on everything ! All of my friends have them and I am the only one who doesn't literally. Some reasons that my parents tell me is:
1. It is dangerous
2. There are predators
3. You don't need one
The reason why I disagree with that are:
1.  AIM is more dangerous than Facebook because on facebook you have to accept the friend requests before the person can see anything about you.But on AIM any random person can I'm you without your permission needed. Also if parents are worried about their children leaving videos and pictures on their facebook account, they can also do that on AIM.
2. Even if there are preadors they can't do anything to you unless you are stupid enough to accept someones friend request
3. A lot of parents think that if they don't have a facebook then the kids will focus more on studying and their grades, but that is wrong because just because they have a facebook doesnt mean that have to go on it. Just like if they have a TV that doesnt mean they have to watch it. If kids don't have a facebook because of their grades, then they could just go and play video games or watch TV instead. There is always something else to do.
4. It is very convent for kids to have a facebook. It is a good way to communicate with their friends and family that are of far distance. Also if some of their friends don't have a AIM acount then most of the time they do have a faceboook instead. That way your kid will never loose touch with there friends and family no matter where they live.
5. If parents are worried about their kids seeing innapropiate things on facebook, then face it, they know about that stuff already, no matter if it is from their friends, movies, or even health class. But one way or another they know about sex and drugs even if you would rather that they don't.
6. If you are worried about your kids posting pictures or videos that you would not accept then just tell them to not post any pictures. I am sure that they would rather have a facebook and not post anything than not have a facebook at all.
7. If you don't like your kid having a facebook after you let them have one for a little while, you could always delete it. No big deal.
8. My last reason why it is perrfectly fine for kids to  have a facebook is because you could always get one yourself and monitor what they do. You would be one of their friends so you would be able to see all of the comments they leave, comments other people leave, and things they post on their wall.

  As you can see there is no reason not to let your kid have a facebook.
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Facebook is fun to play, kids should have facebook, I have facebook since 9 years old, now I'm 11 years old, maybe some parents have to do a routine check on their kids' account, but my parents not do that thing...
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I'm a 10 years old but I am keeping ask my mom to allow me on facebook. But since I'm researching awhile ago, I went to facebook's website then go at the Privacy Policy. Since I was reading it says that if 13 and under age will sign up at facebook, it's either you'll not register OR don't share your personal info. Actually I didn't make it but I'll discuss with my mom about that...
  P.S. If you don't understand, Yes kids can as long as don't post your personal info.
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Yes but at a limit only!!
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It is ok if kids have broken families or pen pals because at least they will be able to talk to  them and besides, who is going to agree to be friends with a complete stranger. If I were aloud to have an account I would make it as secure as possible and wouldnt have any pictures of me or anything
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Yes facebook is good for kids and it helps buld their self esteem and sometimes it can be bad when someone calls you mean names and doesnt stop that is considered cyber bullying and a girl sadly died for cause of cyber bullying. Another good reason why Facebook  can useful for kids it grows hem, it makes them more mature.
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Key words 'kids' and 'sometimes'
facebook was created originally for college students to interact with their peers. Thats cool, they're adults.
Kids are another issue. They think they're tuff but seriously? If you want to communicate get a phone. If you can't afford one, you probably don't need facebook because
A: I bet you don't have internet access
B: You are too cheap to run up a bill
C:oooh your not allowed to have a phone. Sorry kiddo.
Children lie, we've all been there. Don't talk about adults because the question says 'kids'. A lot of the kids  on facebok lie about age. Some claim to be this and that when they're under thirteen (11 and 9) or over forty (87 and 61).
If your parents allow it, cool.
They'll get in trouble if it goes wrong, you'll get independence if it goes right.
See? I'm not 100% heartless!
Just stay safe.
So sometimes? Yeah
kids? Not always
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I think it would be ok for kids to go on facebook to chat with friends a nd play games . But they should get permission from their parents and they should only talk to there friends from school or friend from out of school .
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Facebook is not good for kids as it wastes a lot of their time which could well be utilized in studying and doing other constructive activities. If however, it is done in moderation and parents ensure that they monitor their children's activities on facebook they can be protected from predators and other sickos that are online on such networks. Also, it is a public domain which means anyone can access their information easily. So, a little anonymity and discretion is advised while using such networks. However, it can be used as a constructive tool as well if the kids use it to join informational and educational networks and keep in touch with people who can help them grow.
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I think it can be dangerous and productive at the same time.  There are dangers and risks with it like personal information but, not as much as bulling.  I have seen people(kids) get bullied by gerks on facebook.  But the child or parent can "unfriend" the person and problem is solved.  At the same time, facebook can get out info like if the kid is still having practice if texting is out of the question.  It depends on the user and the parent.
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I do not think facebook is good for kids there is bad things on it you can get reported maney times for no resean and theres bad messeges sending and I don't evin have facebook cause I don't need it
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No never. I'm 11 and my mom and dad wont let me get one. Heres some reason why:
.posting bad pics/vids
.people can harm you online
.a lot of things!

Girl/boy don't let your kids get 1 no matter what they say! You need to be a good mom/dad and they'll thank you for that 1 day!
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I don't know I snuck on onetime to facebook but my mom didnt know but offcourse I got busted for it and all the time I was on nothing happened that was bad so I don't get it my parents wont let me have one and I have no idea why like shure they don't trust me but they need to thing of a reason to trust me

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