What Are Good Facebook Notes?


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Do you have an alarm clock?
If so, what time is it set at?
If not, then what time do you wake up?
Do you shower in the morning?
Do you eat cereal or toast for breakfast?
Do you even EAT breakfast everyday?

Mid-Morning to Noon
Do you feel sleepy at this time of day?
If you go to school, what time does it start?
What is your first subject?
How many free periods do you have before noon?
Do you spend it wisely?
Do you get hungry before noon?

What time do you start to get tired?
What time does your school end?
Is your backpack heavy when you go home?
Do you even like going home?
Are the subjects in this time boring?
Do you just blank out?

Late Afternoon
What do you do first when you arrive at home?
How do you feel at this time?
What do you hate about this time?

What time does evening start?
Something you do when it starts to get dark?
What else?
What else?
When do you go to sleep?
3 things you do before you sleep?

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