What Are Good Things And Bad Things About Facebook?


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Charice Miller answered
Well, it's a cool way of keeping up with all the latest news, chatting with friends, communicating,  and meeting new and interesting people. The bad thing is, people of all ages go on and there's some real perverts. It's dangerous to chat to people you don't know, and let them view your profile. Luckily, you can block your profile from certain people. After explaining all that to my parents, they still said no!! Hopefully, yours r easier 2 convince!
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I've only really ever used it to connect with a couple old friends from middle school I had not seen in many years.... I cannot see why you would want to be on there now, wait until you get older and somewhat nostalgic for your youth lol
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It's great to connect with old friends and to share photos and other media.That being said, I think Facebook is a terrible breach in personal privacy. Everything that you post, everyone will be able to see. You have to be very careful with prospective employers and such.

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