What Are The Good And Bad Uses Of The Internet?


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There are many:
1. Bad information could travel the world quickie, for example; porns and other harmful sites.

2. Computer virus could be transmitted easily through internet from one to others.

3. Some websites teach people make dangerous weapons for free.

4. Many credit card frauds are results of internet access.

5. When people date others through internet, it can be a plot.

And many many more.....So, we should really careful when using internet. Do not trust everything it says.
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Good uses include:
It is an abundant source of knowledge...on any topic;
It can be extensively used to connect friends like through emails and communities like orkut;
It is the fastest mean to exchange information and the fact that it is often not censored means that those in key positions ar emore accountable.
The bad uses include spreading obscene material and using it for illegal purposes.
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*Well its an abundant source of information
*We can earn money through it
*Many transactions are being done every second through the net
*Net makes us interact with the people like through the social networking sites
*It is useful for matrimonial purposes
*It helps us to see the tourist places
and the bad uses are countless like planting a virus in the net, uploading obscene,... And the stuff like that
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The internet and the World Wide Web has made it easy for anyone to access information and it can be of any type. Any kind of information on any topic is available on the Internet.

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Good uses are being able to look up stuff but the bad stuff is pictures of boobs and stuff and even live porn...
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Good: Helping to make good contacts including finding useful information.
Bad  : Wasting time.
Good: A potential portal for guidance.
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Good uses of the internet are being safe on webisites like  facebook etc etc etc

bad uses are looking up naughty things and bullying people

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