What Are The Good And Bad Effects Of The Computer?


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The computer has many positive sides - it is a valuable source of information. Since the internet took off it has provided us with the ability to instantly access all sorts of information that is vital for our everyday lives, from the news and sport to weather and bus timetables. We can find countless bits of information on all sorts of subjects and material regarding our own lives and careers and even interact with people via social media like Facebook and Twitter. These networking websites are an amazing way to keeping in touch and stay connected with friends and family.

On the other hand there are bad things about the computer. Things such as paedophilia and the distribution of indecent material and images pose a lot of security risks to users. The threat of viruses which infect your system and steal your personal data is also dangerous. This could lead to things such as theft of your bank details and other personal information that you might have saved on your computer. The dangers posed by those who write viruses  steal personal details or hack into your wireless networks are a real cause for concern in today's society, where almost everything is integrated with the internet in some way or another.

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The good effects brought about by the technological enhancements of computer is that it helps you minimize your time in research. However, there are sites that are unreliable. So, better consult the library. Another thing is that it expands our horizon in socializing. It makes the world smaller and just within reach... Although computers are quiet useful, they still employ bad effects such as they promote violence among children who are hooked in playing online games. They also widen the array of possibilities of scams and others.
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Computers saves time and give us all we need from the live
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Computer is a device of new technology. Technology can be used both for good or bad. If you use computer for your studies or making applications in your office. You are doing a productive work. If you use the computer to see prone websites and to make fraud with the people, you are using it for bad. On the other hand the bad effects of computer is that your eyes can be effected if you see the monitor for longer period of time.
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Computer introduction have enhanced accuracy and efficiency in today's general world of knowledge,through online tutorials(browsing).Despite  the impact,children today involve themselves in illegal activities online.
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The bad things about computers are that it can lead to wearing glasses and it can also be really  and you will hardly ever move from the computer. It can also lead to being obese because you will be sitting around all day on the computer and not outside in the fresh air.

But the good things are it is good experience and can learn you loads, such as computer studies, and even if you just look something up rather than read a book you still learn something.
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To a great extent I think the computers have negatively affected our social life. We have become more busy with the incorporation of computer technology in our lives. For example, a child prefers to spend five to six hours on computer but he may not want to give much time to his family. Computers can also badly affect our health. Computers can also badly affect our vision because eyes are directly exposed to the computer radiations. It can cause repetitive strain injuries and it can also create many other psychological problems. People who excessively use computers are usually lazy people because they are not involved in active physical activities. In this way computers have a great impact on our social life and psychological behavior.

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Well,the good things are that you are entertained and you can also learn but the drawbacks are that people play it too often and they get glued to it.
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The good effects are the ways you can get info faster than books, but the bad thing is even though your looking at info the screen is killing your brain cells
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Anything else I agree its good and bad its not the computers fault its the people that wants them and who creats them those sites thats not appropriate its us by people! =]
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Godd effects include: Access to lots of knowledge, free entertainment, links to friends/social networks. Bad include: Private data stored on public networks, too much time in front of a screen, children accessing harmful material, possible effects on brain development of computer use are still not fully known.
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I think that computer has become one of the important part of our life and also it is something now a days without which we   cannot live because computer helps the human every where

by amit sati   xii b
army school deheradun
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Children can get mental problems and go on killing sprees when playing computer games such As grand theft auto
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Computer help us to complete our project, research, and assignment. We can also communicate with our family or friends.

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Good effects- We can use it to have research, entertainment or even to communicate.

Bad- Effects- If we use computer too much, radiation is not good for us, it can also damage our eyes.

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Computer is a technology without which one cannot imagine to live without in today's world may it be easy data storage or simply online chatting and blogging.
This 21st century wonder box can be very disadvantageous in several aspects. The main one being that it worsens ones eyesight, it can result in blurred vision, cause excessive strain on the eyes, make refocusing slow, result in color distortion and double vision.
Other than this too much use of the computer can make your back muscles sore and give you neck and/or backaches. People who are frequent users of the computer can also suffer from migraine.
Excessive computer usage can make you gain weight and make you obese as when one keeps on sitting in front of the computer he/she gets no exercise, people also have their food in front of the computer hence getting up of their seat very less.
Therefore even in today's highly technological world one should be careful while using gadgets such as the computer for its negative effects.

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I can find the information more easily!
Sometimes I just play the computer, no outdoor activity

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