What Are The Good And Bad Effects Of Email Communication?


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BAD: One of the bad thing about an email address is that when people send you an e-mail, you don't know if it is them or not. It could be some geek asking for big bucks. You cannot always trust what comes, no matter who it is from. Another thing is: You can never see the expressions of irritation or playing a prank as you can over the phone.

Good: One of the good things is, you can communicate to people all over the world in the time space of a an hour. That's fast compared to the people in the day of Ol' Georgy (George Washington). You don't have to send it over seas on a ship that will take literally months to get to it's destination. That is what I think.
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For one  ' I have found it nice to keep in touch with family and friends from far away for free '  
The bad is all the junk and spam mail you get - So I never open it , unless I know exactly who it's from .

I have a spam button on mine and I send mine there if I don't want it and I know it's a spam

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They can be misinterpreted and a source of creating many personal fall outs.
Expressing personal feelings ,such as feeling hurt by another to another can't be done via e-mail.
For one,the receiver can't get a sense of how you feel.And then you'll be hurt for their lack of understanding.
Same goes in business guys.Be careful

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