What Are The Bad Effects Of Using A Computer?


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There are quite a few negative effects of using a computer. One of the prime ill effects of using a computer is the radiations emitted from the computer monitor.

As we spend more and more time for our working hours on the computer, we are bound to suffer from severe backaches and other pains that are caused due to lack of regular movements. Constant usage of computers also brings about brain damage.

Games and web-sites with obscene content have immense effects on small children which turn them into computer addicts. Anti-Social elements like terrorist use computers for unlawful purposes. Hacking into e-mail accounts and personal computers and accessing and using personal information are also on a rise because of computers.

Another negative effect of computer to health is that you can get repetitive strain injuries in your hands and your wrist.  It is a companies duty to ensure that you are using a computer safely and to minimise the harmful effects of computer usage.  They should carry out a Health and Safety type assessment of the negative effects of computers, and ascertain if you are at risk of being affected.  Necessary adjustments can be made such as a supportive chair for your back.  It is important to have all your joints at 90 degrees to to desk and the floor, and to make sure that your screen is level with your eye height so as not to put unnecessary pressure on any joints or muscles.

Now days we have become too dependent on machines for each and everything which is also a huge cause of concern.
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There are physiological and social effects of using a computer, many of which are negative. The most obvious physiological effect is the risk of RSI (repetitive strain injuries), but these can be solved by the use of ergonomic equipment and better work place health and safety practices. Radiation from the computer screen can be blocked by special screen monitor shields.

Social effects of using a computer includes reduced literacy levels because of the over reliance on computer publishing and editing. Also, spending too much time in front of the computer reduces the amount of time spent on outdoor activities, as well as social engagements, which are all important for a healthy lifestyle.
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If you will not use your computer properly its will cause you much, for example is not having the proper period of time on using it.... Especially at night if you will always use it at night without sleeping.. It will lead in having an insomia
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Can start the development of social anxiety disorder. It does this by taking away many daily activities that would otherwise require face to face social interaction. It is called desensitization, and just like forgetting how to enter the cheat on your favorite xbox game, you can also forget how to communicate effectively with people.
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People become dependent to it.
Some get addicted in using it that they fail to go out and have sunlight shine on them.
A man who had habitually sit in front of a pc develop health problems like back aches and eye damage.
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I think it has not much bad effects except ;
especially,effecting the eyes in that case when you are using it for too long of depends upon you!
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The most known bad effect is of Computer radiations(look for my answer in last link) which is now said to be very much resolved with LCD monitors.
Following bad effects are also caused because of too much use of computers:
Some phobias and mental diseases that are caused because of too much use of computer.
lack of exercise, low social life(not including life on online communities).
Sometimes also causing low concentration on daily life activities like studies and Job etc.
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The bad effects of using a computer is that you can get vires which can make your computer really slow
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Children of young ages learn what pornography means. Even terrorists have an account for them to get what they need fast.
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Anonymous answered for me....also the radiation of the computer can damage your blood cells and also your what happen in me....and also the web-site...there are some web-site that can make children addicts like forbidden web-site or for adult only...
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If you see and use thing in a positive way then there is no bad effect of anything and no bad thing would effect you at all.

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I think computer is not much ill effects coz  it is fun for us coz we can chat on it

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