My Computer Sometimes Says It Can't Find The Printer/scanner Even Though It Sitting Right Beside It, What's Going On Here?


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anderson andrew answered
Check to see if any plugs are unplugged or restart in safe mode.
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Taylor Edgar answered
Computer are set in their ways and sometimes do take on what appears to be a personality of their own. Usually the personality they choose comprises of equal parts contrariness and cankterousness.

The problem in this instance, though, is not, for once, the computer being obstreperous. It is almost always user error.

To ensure the computer can locate and give you access to all your peripherals such as printers and scanners etc., power them all up first before booting up the computer. By switching everything else on first, this enables the computer to see everything on the network. Peripherals powered up after the computer are not guaranteed to be recognised and access will therefore be denied. In this case, there's little option but to do a restart with all the peripherals switched on.

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