How Do You Upload Pictures Without Using An Usb Cable Or Memory Card?


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1.> Bluetooth: If your phone has blue tooth then goto Walgreens or wal-mart and they will have a kiosk where you can upload photos via bluetooth and print them out. Or you can get a USB bluetooth device for your computer for about $20.

  Or 2.> text it to your email or to another phone that has those options.  

If you don't have either of those options on your camera phone, then you should find the data cable for you phone online. You can order one for less than $20.  What are the pictures really worth? You may choose to take a picture of the picture using a camera that has a memory card or a usb cable.  You might try scanning it with flat bed scanner.  If you have the memory card, but your computer doesn't have the memory card reader, the Kiosks at the store have a memory card reader built in.  They also have flat bed scanners. Ask a photo center associate in each store. They might be able to help you get your pictures off your device and onto a picture CD.  If one can't, ask him why it's not possible and post the details in your question so that we can work on another solution.

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