How Do You Use The USB Cable For The Ringtones?


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You can use the USB cable for transferring the ringtones from the computer to the mobile phone. Usually wireless providers offer phone specific data cables but depending on the kind of phone that you have, you may also use the existing USB cable that you have, like the USB-B or the USB-Mini-B cord of your MP3 player or a digital player.

You can use ring tone cutter software or MP3 Wav Editor to split your MP3 files into ringtones. You will also need to have software to detect and send the music files to your phone. You can use Mobiledit, a shareware program or the accompanying software of your mobile phone. Connect the USB cable or data cable from the phone to the USB port of the computer. All you need to do now is drag and drop the file from the computer to the 'ringtones' folder of your mobile.

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