Can You Upload Videos From Phone Using A Usb Connection?


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Yes, you can upload any video or picture from with using USB connection to the phone.
It is very easy, you can attach the phone to the computer and just copy and paste the photos or videos. If your phone is not detected then you should install phone driver software in computer.
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Where are you supposed to paste the photo or video? And what do you copy?
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You can copy your pics and videos and paste wherever you want like c, d e, driver and desktop.
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Surely you can, if your phone supports USB connection.
There is 2 way,

1. If you have memory card with your phone. Connect the phone as a USB Mass Storage Device with your pc. Now you can copy videos from your phone to your PC.

2. If you do not have memory card with your phone. Buy a managing software of the manufacture of your phone. Install it in your PC. Connect the phone with PC using USB. Use the software for data transfer from your phone.


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