How Do You Get WAP On A Mobile Phone?


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Send on a nokia 2330
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  WAP is Wireless Application Protocol was first derived by Nokia. WAP allows you to access to the internet through your mobile phone. The other brands like Motorola, Sony Ericsson also have this feature. As the whole is staying connected with each other through internet on the computers, mobile phones manufacturers have also come up with WAP on their phones

  When you access a "WWW" website on your phone, it takes some time to download the homepage of the website whereas the "WAP" downloads much quickly as advertisements and some other necessary features are eliminated.  WAP enabled phones are available in almost all brands. These phones can be used to visit WAP websites whereas the other phones which are not WAP enabled do not allow you to visit the WAP websites. Even if you have a WAP enabled phone, you would have downloaded the internet connection settings from the service providers of your phone.

  In order to check the WAP settings for T-mobile, Vodafone, O2 phones, etc, visit the following link:

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