How Mobile Phone Has Changed Our Lifestyle? Do You Think That Mobile Phone Have Sharp Effect On Our Life Or Not?


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I could not live without my cell phone. Someone is always texting or calling me to find out where I am, what I'm doing, etc. I'm in college and I run around a lot, so my parents call me on my cell phone. I take quick pictures with it, store all my phone numbers (what would I do without that phone book?!),and use the alarm, the calendar.
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No, I could truly live without the cell phone.Well, to this day, the thing sits in my purse and I rarely use it unless I have to. I'd rather just talk in person. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I'm sick of dropped calls, poor reception, and being forced into buying all the peripherals to go along with the phone only to chuck it all away and start from scratch when the phone/phone plan is outdated.
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In today's world, where every electronic item is getting smaller and smaller.Technology has made so much advancement that the pc is shifted from tables to our hands. in other words, the technology and advancements are just on the distance of our palm. We have to do is just to enter into that world of advancements.

With the advancements of technology the mobile phone which is no doubt that requirement of person but it's becoming status symbol day by day. Every day new mobiles are launching by different companies with much affordable prices. Now every body is using a mobile phone not only as a need but also as fashion symbol.

That true that mobile phone is the required to us on daily basis but our new generation is wasting much time on mobile phone. Even the school child wants to buy new mobile set to impress his friends because after all he has also some social circus. Every thing have some negative and positive impact .we are not denying the positive aspects of mobile but one should be aware of the negative aspects as well. There are certain people who make very good use of each and every thing and in the same society there are certain groups who want to destroy the whole society.
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Depends if one is a social person. There can be certain withdrawal if you're separated from the phone for at least a few hours. A phone call gives one the sense of belonging. That you're important and people do want to hang out with you.
On the other hand, if you're the anti-social type then you have no problem going without phones for days.
But once in a while generally people find comfort in knowing that there are people out there who is wondering where or what they're doing at one particular time
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Honestly, I could not live with out my mobile phone. I have 2 small children on 2 years old and the other 10 months. I can not risk someone not getting a hold of me if there is a problem with them. Another sign I can not live with out my mobile phone is that when I for get it at home or some where I look for it to try to call to locate it (Stupid you can't use it if it is lost whoops!!!) Has anyone else done this? So my answer is defiantly I can not live with out my mobile phone.
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If you have a food delivery (or any other phone-dependent) job like me, absolutely. I get bad directions, gated apartments, late orders, and many other incidents that require me to contact my customers. I would hate to waste time stopping to use a payphone, especially late at night with a lot of cash on hand. I can't imagine how many other people are in the same boat as me!
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I think it would be very hard to go back to not having the convenience of a mobile phone, but not hard enough to think that I couldn't live without it. I believe many people have allowed mobile phones to take up too big a part of their lives. The use of the mobile phone has more and more taken the place of personal interface for too many people. Bottom line - surely anyone of sound disposition can "live" without the luxury of a mobile phone. ....Be good!
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Now3 a days I don't think that we can live without mobile phones.specialy when we hav new brand of cell phone because new models of cell phone have internet.
MMS. Radio.MP3 and etc so we can do our each work on mobile phone specially when we are outside our home mobile phone is the best way to in contact with home
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Its not that I feel I can't live without it but I am young and live alone in an apartment and can't afford a cell phone and a house phone. I also travel to work at all hours of the night, so instead of having a house pone I just have a cell phone. It seems easier that way.
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Hi naturally, we can live without mobile phone,although it's convenient to talk with people, I think it's useful for everyone , when we meet some problems then we can use it to contact with people for helping or we need to tell somethings urgent or important etc,when we are out side of home, anyway it's available to have it.
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We can't live without communication with some one else.Mobile is one way of communication.So every one has need of it,young,old,child women,every one talk to someone else.Two love can't live without mobile,two friends also need mobile,business man also need mobile.
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Who has said that my dear friend. Before the invention of mobile, we used to use call from landline numbers. Nowadays some people are so addicted, that they can't be without it for a minute.
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Yes because it destroy our society when it comes to the hands of those people  who use negatively this technology
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Yes,I do. You know it's like a tracker,when I'm lost I will call somone to help me. I couldn't stand a day with out my cell phone.
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I can not live without mine, last night me and my friend fount out that she had bluetooth, and we were up til 5 in the mornig sending things to each other!!
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Now a days when we are just move one out of our house what we see is "MOBILE" in the hand of every person there is a mobile .from businessman ,office worker, teacher ,students, working ladies, tailors and even the sweeper every body has its own cell phone. We are so much depending on mobile phone that we even can't think of moving outside without mobile phones.
It's not like that, that we can't live without mobile phones, but it's the requirement of today's world. If you are going out side for some work, some one can easily contact you if you have a mobile phone unless it will creates a problem as that person has to wait until and unless that person came back to office. Or if you are going away from you home its easy to keep in contact with your friends your family. But as every thing as own positive and negative aspect same like mobile phone if it has some good effect it is also creating bad effects in teenager and students. For them mobile phone is just like a life and they can't live without and they are spending much time on mobiles instead of paying attentions to their studies.

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