Can I Put My T-mobile Sim Card In A Virgin Mobile Phone?


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When you buy the hone from the operator, they come locked. This is to prevent you from using thier phones with the sim card from other operators. Well, the locked phones can only take the operators sim card. To use another sim card or make the phone a general open GSM cell phone. You will contact a phone shop which is not linked with phone operator where you purchased the phone. The shop technician will unlock the phone for you. Even if the phone has the operators logo on it, it will still take other sim cards.
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yes but if your virgin mobile is sim locked then you tmobile sim will not work until you unlock virgin mobile phone other wise you can use any sim on virgin mobile.

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Yes, you can put T-mobile SIM in Virgin Phone. Usually the mobile phones are locked and cannot be used on other networks. For that you can visit any nearest mobile shop and ask them for unlocking. If your contract period is complete then you can also your cellular operator for unlock code but that be very difficult process. You can also go for online unlocking at Unlockitnow or Gsmliberty and place online unlocking order there.

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