How Can I Put FIR For Lost My Sim Card?


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If you lose your sim card you don't need to put an FIR just write or contact your telecommunications company and request for a new one or lodge a complaint. Depending on the kind of service you are paying them for, they may or may not be able to get you back the same number that you previously had.

  • The SIM card or Subscriber Identity Module is a tool that uses integrated circuits and stores the service subscriber key which a cell phone subscriber can use to identify mobile telephony devices.
  • The circuits are designed for use on a removable SIM Card which is placed inside the mobile phone. It can also be transferred and used between different mobile devices.
  • Although the first few SIM cards were as large as a credit card, it was continually developed and is now much more reduced to a 25x15mm size.
  • A unique serial number is contained in each SIM Card and it also stores other vital information: Unique number of the mobile user, security authentication, ciphering information, information related to the local network, list of services that the mobile user has access to, and two passwords.
  • The first SIM card was invented in 1991 by a smart card maker located in Munich.
  • There have been a number of other recent developments in SIM Cards, such as: Logical channels which allowed multiple simultaneous applications, PIN protection through the hierarchical PIN management system, a way to eliminate carrier spoofing through mutual authentication, larger phonebook storage because today's SIM Cards can even store email addresses, second names, and create groups for contacts, and changes to the micro-sim shape and size

Today's SIM cards have a number of new features and developments that make life much easier for any mobile phone user. They can store a number of things not just text information but also photos and videos.

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