How Does A Sim Card Work?


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A SIM card (Subscriber Identity Module) is used in a mobile phone, and provides a personal number for the mobile phone holder. It also stores phone numbers and text messages, meaning that your personal numbers and messages will be stored on a different phone if you insert the SIM card into it.

If you need a new mobile phone and wish to keep your old number, then you can isert the SIM card into a new mobile phone, providing that the mobile phone is manufactured by the same company.

If the mobile phone is not made by the same company, then you will have to get the mobile phone chipped, a process that will allow you to use your old SIM card on it. However, you do have to pay for this, and technically speaking, it may actually be illegal to do so. Most companies actually dissaprove of customers using their SIM card on a new phone, even if it is of the same make, as they believe that it could damage the phone and that it invalidates the warranty on your new phone.

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