How Does A Wireless Card Work On A Laptop?


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A wireless network interface card (which is abbreviated as WNIC) is defined as a network card. It connects to a network of computers, which is based on radio waves. It is different from a regular NIC (network interface controller). An NIC connects to a network, such as the token ring network or the Ethernet network, which is based on wires.

A WNIC is an essential component of a wireless desktop computer and can be used for a laptop computer. Both the WNIC and the NIC work on both layers, namely layer one and layer two, of the OSI model.

The antenna enables the card to communicate through microwaves. A WNIC, in a personal computer, is mostly located in the PCI slot. There are various types of WNIC, including USB WNIC, PCMCIA WNIC and integrated WNIC.

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