How Can I Use My Wireless Laptop Away From Home?


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Unfortunately, wireless networks have a limited range. That means that you can use the wireless internet connection a little bit outside your home, like in your garden or in  your neighbours house, but not beyond that.

Alternatively, if the place where you work has wireless, you can use it there! Many schools, colleges, workplaces and even restaurants and hotels which offer free or paid wireless internet for you to use. This is known as WiMax and the system you have at home is called WiFi...

A word of Caution: If you have a wireless internet connection at home, make sure it has a password. Because if it doesn't, anyone from outside can sit outside your house and misuse your internet connection.


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I would like to know EXACTLY where to go and what to do so that I can use my laptop to e-mail and check the internet when I'm holidaying away from home.  This is pretty basic stuff - I know hotels have "codes"./  Where do I enter them in order to make use of their systems?
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In a latop, there is a setting for you to write your password of Wifi, so you have to check it, specially is in the setting etc.

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