How Can I Determine If My PC Has A Wireless Network Card?


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There are basically two ways in which you can determine if your personal computer (which is abbreviated as PC) has a wireless network card or not. The first way is to go to My Computer on the desktop. Then you have to right-click on the Properties option and click on the Device Manager Button in the System Properties. Inside this option you will find another option of Network adapters, under which there is an option called Network Connection [for example, Intel (R) PRO/100 VE Network Connection]. You can click on that to check if your computer has a wireless network card or not.

The second way is to go to My Network Places, click on Properties, go to the Network and Dial-up Connections and check if there is an option called Wireless Area Network (WAN) Connection or not.
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To check that your pc has a network card or not you can manually see, via looking at the back side of your CPU where the ports for the USB,mouse,and modem are fixed.So just near the modem port where you insert your phone line for dial up connection ,but the phone line has small clip ,but for the LAN card little bit bigger clip wire is needed and so the port in the LAN card is also little bit bigger then the phone line port.

Otherwise there is another way to check your network card but for this it's necessary that your network card must be installed. so if the wireless LAN card is installed then you can check it availability via going to the desktop.

Then right click on the my computer you will have multiple options so you select devise manager ,after selecting it, you will see a new window open here you can see all the devises which are installed on your computer so if your LAN card is installed then click on the network adapter it will open and will show you the name of your network card and you can recognize it via the name of your wireless LAN card .so that's it.

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