How Do You Connect A Fax Machine To A Pc?


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jady hunt answered
I think it would be better if you seek the help of the expert. is good in unifying communication system. They have application that connects PC and Fax Machine.
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Yooti Bhansali answered
Usually, a stand alone fax machine cannot actually be connected to a computer. They print as they receive every page and generally only possess an input buffer that is big enough to have room for one page only. Unless the fax machine is especially devised to be connected to a computer from the beginning there isn't much one can do, except get a fax modem. Some modems that can take fax and voice messages while the computer is off are a little on the pricey side.

One can also make use of certain software like Might Fax - Using this, one can preview and erase junk faxes and print the ones that are required. The software is also available for free trial.

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