How Can I Install The Fax From A Canon Mx300?


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First method

If you have Mx300 printer driver software, you can install it.
Run the software from the disc. After run setup, a message will appear on the screen " Please attach your printer. Than connect your printer  to the computer with using USB cable. If you haven't software disc, you can download and install software from canon websites.

Second method

Attach your printer to the computer.
A Welcome screen will be appear "Found new hardware".
Click the next and follow the instruction or steps.

Third method.

Attach the printer to the computer.
Start > control panel > printer > Add printer and follow the instruction and steps.
You can select the port.
You can give the path for driver software of printer by click "Browser" and select CD/DVD rom, where printer disc is present. If you download the printer software  from canon websites then give the path where software have save in the computer.

You can visit for online computer  and printer help.

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