How Can I Install Canon Pixma Mp250 Without Cd?


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How to install cannon pixma mp250 without cd?
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I have an MP830, but the installation procedure should work for you as well.  
Drivers can be downloaded from Canon's website: the most current driver for your operating system, but just save to disk, don't run it yet.
Download the most recent version of the printer's software (there may be more than one - read the description to see which one is best for you.  Again, don't run yet - just save it to the same folder as your driver.
Since the files are provided separately instead of on an installation cd, follow this procedure:
Make sure your printer is plugged in, and the fax/phone lines if needed have been connected.  At this point the USB cord should NOT be connected to your printer.  Turn printer OFF and run the Driver software you downloaded.  THEN, plug in USB cable and turn ON printer.  The printer should be recognized and installation should complete automatically.
Finally, you can install the programs that go with your printer.
Hope this helps you:)
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To Installing the Local canon proxima high colour printer:
Click the Start button > Control Panel > Printers > Add Printer. Make certain your printer is connected to your computer and is turned on. Click Next to launch the Add Printer Wizard.
Step 2: Select Local printer.
Step 3: Choose a printer port.
Step 4: Select the manufacturer and model of your printer.
Step 5: Once you have located the printer you wish to install, click Next.
Step 6: If you have a disk with the software for the printer, put it into your CD-ROM drive and then click the Have Disk button. Select the drive that contains this disk and click OK.(If you don't have CD then get download the Driver software from the internet and while intalling the printer give the path of that specific folder.
Step 7: Supply a name for the printer and determine whether you’d like this printer to serve as your default printer. It’s always best to select the printer directly connected to your computer as your default printer.
Step 8: Indicate whether you’d like this printer to be shared. (This function is especially useful if your home is networked and the printer will be shared with other users.) If so, click Share Name and assign a name to the printer that will be easily recognized by family members.
Step 9: Click Yes to print a test page from your newly installed printer.
Step 10: Click Next to review the settings for your new printer before completing the installation process.

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