Do We Still Need A Fax Machine If We Have A Broadband Connection?


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The answer to this one really depends on what you use your fax machine for at the moment.

If you regularly send or receive documents that require a customer signature then in all likelihood you will want to retain your fax machine. However, it can't be on the same phone line as your broadband connection, so factor in the extra line rental into your calculations as well.

Other than forms and documents that require a signature, there's really not much to argue in favour of waving goodbye to your fax machine. The only drawback is when it comes to sending paper documents by fax; these still need to be digitised. Most companies will still have scanners, so getting a digital copy need not be a problem.

Once in digital format, the best option is to subscribe to one of the many fax to email services. These enable you to both send and receive faxes by email, the documents appearing as emails with attachments in your inbox as normal.
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It is denedant on how you use your fax machine and what other capabilities you have.

If you can scan documents into you PC,then you can send the scanned image via email

If you receive faxes, you can use a fax service such as that gives a number that people can fax to and then creates a document you can print. This service is free but there are variables that you may want and cost.
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Of course we do, this is very important especially in business companies. This is to serve their clients that doesn't have a broadband connection.
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If the person you are faxing with does not have a computer, you will not only need a virtual fax service, but a scanner to send a reply.  A plain fax machine is easier.

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