We Have A Lanier 245 (MFP). Do You Have Any Advice Regarding Faxing With This Type Of Machine?


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The Lanier LD245 and the Lanier LD235 are known as digital multifunction products. MFP is an acronym which stands for multifunction product. The Lanier LD245 can be used to produce upto a maximum of 45 copies per minute. It has an image resolution of upto 600 dpi.

Both the Lanier LD245 and the Lanier LD235 systems feature the latest scanning and faxing technologies. These latest scanning and faxing technologies streamline the flow of work as well as additional security features. These features protect your documents as well as your network. All of these features make the Lanier LD245 and the Lanier LD235 ideal for improving productivity in homes, small offices, mid-size workgroups or departments with upto 100 users.

Both the Lanier LD245 and the Lanier LD235 offer features such as versatile distribution of documents, advanced security technology, real-time IP faxing (which enables you to send and receive facsimile messages to compliant fax machine without using an e-mail server), convenient remote administration and professional finishing options.

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