How Can I Connect My TV To PC?


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Now a days its very good thing that there is no need for buying the thousands dollar TV for each room, just your computer will be your TV now, via the use of just a small TV-card.
Well to connect a pc to tv or we can say that you can a watch a TV on your computer so for this you need a TV-card which is easily available in the market.
You can buy either internal or external TV-card ,in the internal TV-card you just assemble the TV card within your computer system just like modem or LAN card and the monitor cable will be connected to pc and cable wire is connected to that TV card which is assembled in your system and you would enjoy your computer TV.
You can also buy the external TV-card its also have the same features like internal TV-card but its just out of pc devise just like printer and scanner and work with the computer for this you just have to do this you connect the monitor wire in the TV card and there is wire given with the TV card which help you to connect the TV-card with the CPU VGA,so you connect the TV-card wire with the CPU. TV-cards often have remote controls and have the very best picture quality.
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Well it's not directly possible to connect a TV to the PC. You will have to connect it via the TV tuner Card in order to watch television programs on your PC. Start of by connecting the TV tuner card to the USB port and install the drivers.

Once you have installed the drivers, you will have to either split your current cable connection or ask the cable operator to give you a new connection which will fix into the TV tuner card. A TV tuner card basically is a computer part which permits television signals to be received by a computer.

Nearly all modern TV tuner cards work as video capture cards, permitting users to record television serials onto the hard drive. The card comprises of a receiver, tuner, demodulator along with an analogue-to-digital transformer for analogue TV.
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It really depends on the connections on your PC and your television. If you are like most people you probably have VGA-out on your PC or laptop and an RCA input on your television. If this is the case you need a simple VGA to RCA converter.

If you are lucky enough to have an HDMI output on your computer and HDMI in on your TV you can use a very simple HDMI cable - this won't require any conversion so you'll get the best quality and it will be the cheapest option.

I hope this is helpful.
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When I connect my tv to my pc I get no signal, but it tell me that it is a invalid format.
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One cannot get a direct connection to Television from one's Personal Computer. Buut, the connection can be made by using Kworld PC to TV converter. This is a new product in market for a hassle free connection. Other converters are also available.

The other way is when you have a high resolution television. Such TV has a VGA connector or a one say 'a computer input'. VGA is the Graphics Array display mode. This gives a resolution of minimum 680 X 480 pixels. For this one needs a VGA male to male cable. The cable length can vary according to one's choice. If one uses a laptop, then one can put the VGA cable pinned at the TV to the input plug behind the laptop. Then, press the 'Fn' key, then the 'F5'. This method processes the output to the external monitor.

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