How Do I Setup A Mixed (wireless And Ethernet) LAN ?


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Configuring an Ethernet LAN and Wireless LAN is very simple. First you have to configure an Ethernet LAN with the help of an IP addresses. Now your Ethernet LAN network is setup. For configuring Wireless LAN, you need a wireless router and the nodes having wireless LAN cards. First configure your router to connect to your LAN network.

In a router there are WAN as well as LAN ports. While using the WAN port, first connects this router to the machine and configure wan port IP of router. You have to configure any free IP address in you LAN network to the WAN port of Router. Then enable the menu DHCP of wireless port in your router. Connect this router to your LAN using patch cord (in the WAN port of router). Install wireless LAN card in your nodes you want to use as wireless nodes, and enable the option "automatically obtain an IP address" in wireless LAN card settings. Now your wireless machines will get IP from your router and can access your network. This is your mixed network. Ethernet machines can be connected directly to network with a wire and wireless will be connected through wireless router.
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To set up a mixed network you use a network hub or router which can handle both a standard ethernet cable connection, via an RJ45socket, and also has a wireless capability. Almost all wireless routers you can buy now have four or more RJ45 sockets so you can connect computers nearby via standard CAT5 cable.

You need to have a standard Ethernet card (LAN card) in the computers you wish to connect via a cable, and a wireless card in the others - usually laptops or computers in another room.

As you are normally connecting a network to enable your computers to talk to the Internet, first you must enable the router to talk to the Internet. The exact steps depend on your router, but it is usually very simple to follow their instructions.

Typically, switch off all the computers, and connect the router's external link socket to you modem and switch it on. Then, connect the main computer to the router, switch it on and after it boots, insert the modem's set-up CD, and follow its instructions. After that switch on the next computer and continue to follow the router's instructions. Finally move on to the wireless ones. You will also have to set up the security for the wireless ones, and that depends a lot on what your router can do.

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