What Is Ring Topology?


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Topology tells us about the shape of a network.We can use network topology to determine how many different nodes are there in a network and how they are communicating with each other. Three types of topologies exists and Ring topology is one of them.

As its name specifies that all devices in this topology are connected with each other in the form of a ring or you can say in the form of a closed loop.

In Ring topology, data cannot travel in both directions as links are not bidirectional but are unidirectional. there is a repeater exist between a node and the network. It means that when one node wants to send data onto to the network then repeater is used for this purpose. A token is sued for sending data as if one node want to send data then it has to get token first. token always circulate in ring.

Advantages: No collision exist between nodes. They provide high speed data communications. It also provide high bandwidth.Disadvantages: They are not as easy to install like a bus topology. Biggest drawback is that if one station fails due to some reasons then the whole system fails because data cannot be send.
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The logical ring topology is another important topology in LAN Connectivity . As the name implies, host are connected in the form of a ring or circle . Unlike the physical bus topology . A frame travels around the ring , stopping are each node. If a node wants to transmit data, it is permitted to add that data as well as the destination address to the frame . The frame then continues around the ring until it finds the destination node , which takes the data out of the frame. The advantage of using this type of method is that there are not collisions of data packets. two types of rings exists.

Single ring
Dual ring
In a single ring, all the devices on the network share a single cable, and the data travel s in one direction only. Each device waits it is turn to send data over the network Most single ring topologies are actually wired as a star.

In dual ring, two rings allow data to be sent in both directions. This setup creates redundancy( fault tolerance),meaning that if one rings fails, data can be transmitted on the other ring also, if both rings fail, a "warp" at the fault can heal the topology back into a ring.
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A ring network is a network topology
in which each node connects to exactly two other nodes, forming a
single continuous pathway for signals through each node - a ring. Data
travels from node to node, with each node along the way handling every
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A ring topology is a networking method in which the hubs are all interconnected in a circle. Think of it like a compass rose where the directions are computers. They can all communicate with each other, but for north to talk to south, it must go thru west or east first, and the same for west to east, they must go thru the prior. The major problem with the ring topology is that if one crashes then they all do. You see the signal in a ring system only flows in one direction (kinda like ethernet) so if north ruptures the line and the signal travels clockwise east could send to all computers on the network, including north(even tho its broke) however it could not receive signals from anybody, North is blocking the ring and the signal travels clockwise so if west was trying to talk to south, the hub closest to it, it couldnt even do it. This is why in most cases network technicians  will use the home run (star) topology, because each computer is responsible for itself, and not half the network.
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Ring topology is a each network computer and device are connected to each other forming a large circle or similar shape.example of a simple setup on a network using a ring topology.

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