What Is Mixed Topology Of Computer?


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Mixed topology, also known as hybrid technology, is a type of network pattern used to connect various computers and devices. With a mixed topology network, all systems are connected in a non standard way so that the connection pattern can be classed as a 'mix' between two topology types. For instance, a star-ring topology pattern is an example of a mixed topology network. The network connections combine features of both the star topology pattern and the ring topology pattern.
  • The star topology
The star topology formation connects all computer devices via one central connection point. This gives the impression of the shape of a star. The connection pattern allows for simplicity, as any problems in the network can be easily located and sorted out. However, if there is an issue with the central system, all systems suffer - this is the main disadvantage of star topology. It is vital the central system of the network does not have long periods of downtime, as this would cause widespread connection problems. Whilst this is a major disadvantage of the system, there is also a related advantage to look at. If a computer device other than the central one went down, other systems in the network would not be affected. For this reason star topology is often used to connect a large number of various devices.
  • Ring topology

A network with ring topology has devices set up in a circular formation; each computer system has two connections, to the devices on either side of it. Signals can then be sent around the network from one device to another - each can act as both a transmitter and a receiver. Ring topology can be advantageous to those wishing to send messages out to all systems simultaneously. However, if one device fails, the whole network goes down, as it relies on the ability of information to flow in a circle.

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