What Is Bus Topology And Star Topology?


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BUS TOPOLOGY: The simplest type of network is the bus topology. In a bus topology, all computers or network nodes are connected to a common communicating medium. In a local network, this medium is often a central wire called a bus.

If computer wants to send data to other computer in the network, it sends the data and destination address via the bus. The data and address move from one computer to the other. Each computer checks the address. If it matches with the address of the computer, the computer keeps the data. Otherwise the data moves to the next computer.

The electrical signals move from sending computer to the end of the cable. It bounces back after reaching the end and travels back. It is called ringing. Terminators are attached at the end of bus to remove ringing. The terminators absorb the signal and stop the reflections.

STAR TOPOLOGY: A star network is one in which all the cables run from the computers to a central location, where they are all connected to a device called a hub.

If two computers want to share data, the sender computer sends data to the hub and hubs sends it to the receiving computer. Each computer on a start network communicates with a central hub. A hub provides a central connection point so that all computers can communicate across the network.

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