What Is Bus Topology?


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Bus topology is the preferably used in Local Area Network (LAN). Bus topology consists of central cable called backbone cable that carries all traffic. In bus topology all nodes are attached with single leaner cable. These nodes may be file server, workstation and other peripheral devices. Bus topology is very simple and reliable. Inexpensive cable is used in bus topology. Bus topology is very easy to understand and implement for small network. Different devices and computers are easy to connect.

Bus topology requires less cable length than other topology. If we want to extend your network then it is very easy in Bus topology. Bus topology has some disadvantages. When there is heavy traffic on cables then bus topology will not work properly. Sometime due to heavy traffic network may stop working. As we know that bus topology use single cable to connect computers. But if the cable is broken then the whole network goes down. Computers are required at both end of the central cable. In bus topology problem are very difficult to isolate. Bus topology is mostly used by Ethernet and local talk. Bus topology is not preferred for large area.
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We have different kinds of network. One is called LAN (Local Area Network) and other is called WAN (Wide Area Network). When the computers connected to each other are located within a building or small area then it is called local area network.    A topology is a physical structure of a network. We have different types of topologies i.e. Bus, Ring, Star and Mix.    A bus topology is based on a central communication line. Every computer is connected to that communication line. This line has to ends, the first end consists of a server computer and the second end consists of a terminator. The communication process starts from one end to second end consisting of terminator. Each computer checks the packet sent by server or any computer. If the packet (which consists of data) belongs to that computer it accepts the packet.    The problem with this structure of network is that the whole network is based on a single line. If there is a breakage in the line the whole network in out of order and the other disadvantage is of security of data.    In this situation the star topology is best because the each computer in network is connected to central location by a separate cable.
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Bus topology is a type of network that based on a central communication line.
Bus topology is very simple,reliable,easy to understand,and different devices and computer are easy to connect. Also, it require less cable length han other topology
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Bus topology is a kind of network that use a common vechile for transimition i.e. Called a bus or backbone

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