How Do I View My 'Network Tasks' On My Computer?


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Louise Gorman answered
Click on 'Start', the click on 'My Documents'. Under 'Other Places', click on 'My Network Places'. In the next pop-up screen, you will see a list of 'Network Tasks'. You can add a network place, view network connections. If you click on 'Add a network place', a wizard will appear taking you through some steps so that you can sign up for a service which allows you to use storage space online, so that you can share pictures and documents and also create a shortcut to a website. If you click on 'View network connections', then you can view all the networks which you have set up.

You can set up a home or small office network, or you can set up a wireless network from a home or a small office as well as carry out other network tasks, such as viewing workgroups or viewing icons for networked devices.

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