How do I activate my card on my computer?


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Activating the card on your computer may seem like a complex thing to do, especially in situations when the owner of the PC seems unsure of how to go about activating such card. Though it may seem relatively difficult and challenging, activating such card only takes four steps:

  • Prepare the PC
  • Find the card slot inside
  • Install
  • Reboot
Emphasizing these four processes can help you better understand the "how to" process in going about activating said card.

Preparing the computer basically means, to avoid getting yourself electrocuted. Turn the PC off before installing the card inside the hardware. Since it involves opening the CPU, a Phillip screw should be made available in opening the screw found in the side panels of the CPU.

The second step involves finding the slot where the card needs to be put. This can be found inside the motherboard of the CPU.

The third process, perhaps, though the most vital, is also the easiest of them all. It is to install said card by the slot found. Make sure that the anti-static wrap of the card is removed. Handle the card gently, holding it only by the edges or by the metal part, as not to touch the main part of the card. Press down on the card after snugly putting it in place.

Lastly, cover your CPU, and be ready to reboot your computer. Some cards require drivers and software installation before setting up the hardware, so it is imperative to read the instruction manual that comes with the card.

Challenging as it may seem, but really, it takes only a matter of confidence within yourself to be able to mount a task such as activating your card on your computer. This can be more of an advantage as it can help you be familiar with your own PC, at the same time, it can save you an extra cost to pay someone to do the job you yourself are very much capable of.
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