How Do I Activate My SuperBuddy Icon?


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Nisha Fernandes answered
If you are an America Online (AOL) Software user- then SuperBuddy is a term you just might come across. It is a three dimensional character that bring some life and colour to your instant messages.

To activate and customize your SuperBuddy icon, first go to AOL Keyword: SuperBuddy icons. Choose whichever one you fancy and then click Apply.

If you want to customize your SuperBuddy icon then you have to go to AOL Keyword: SuperBuddy Customisation and then select an action from Text triggers tab. Always remember to save your actions after applying them.

SuperBuddy icons are only available in the latest versions of AOL software, since these have advanced Desktop Themes and Buddy Icons. Keep in mind however that these will only work if your computer has 128Mb RAM.

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