My itunes icon on my desktop has a shield on it and it won't let me get into my itunes. How do i solve this problem?


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This usually happens if you are currently running a form of anti-virus software on your computer. The shield will indicate a threat that the software believes may come from loading a certain program such as iTunes.

  • Possible options to removing the shield and using iTunes
As stated above, the shield will usually indicate that the software does not fully trust the program and therefore advises using it with caution or not at all. To be able to use iTunes again you will have to either reassure the software that you wish for access to be granted and that you trust the program, or you may have to deactivate the software all together.

When you bought the anti-virus software it would have come with a set of instructions in the box. It is always advisable to read these thoroughly as it should explain how to allow a certain program to run even when the software is trying to block it. However you should be careful not to ignore what the anti-virus software is saying as if you do open a program it has indicated as dangerous then you could harm your computer.

  • Ask a computer specialist
If you cannot find any instructions then it is best to head down to a computer repair shop or a general computer store. If you explain your problem to an adviser and tell them what software you have installed on your computer, they should be able to help you.

Without knowing the software you are running and even the operating system, no detailed procedure can be accurately given. It is best to consult your instructions or seek advice from a computer specialist.

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